Hello, you have reached the
page of Jan Rudolph.


Jan, however, is not here at this moment, he rarely is anymore. There were times when he thought a personal homepage would be great. That was at the beginning of the world wide web, it was a novelty then and he had long hair. Now he thinks that a personal homepage is likely a bit creepy and him wearing long hair would definitively be absolutely embarrassing. He is only keeping this address for a fancy e-mail-address -- and to prevent others from posting weird stuff about him here, as if anyone would be interested in doing so...  

Please leave a message after the *beep* at j@n-rudolph.de. Told you the address was fancy...

If you want to see some of Jan‘s pictures he randomly posts (guilty as charged!) check his Instagram account. Jan also has a Facebook account but nobody is really interested in that one. He keeps telling himself that he has it to connect with friends and family. Use the search function or ask if you want his twitter handles or his LinkedIn account.

If you are, by the way, still waiting for the *beep* to leave a message you are very likely a bit silly, truth be told. There is no *beep* after which you start writing an e-mail.